Currently we have two therapists: Dr. Ushma Goradia and Mrs. Priyanka. 

Dr. Ushma Goradia is an eminent physiotherapist with 15+ years of experience in the USA.  Her 5+ years of experience in India  includes 3 years of  teaching in Bangalore.

Dr. Goradia received her B.Sc. in physiotherapy (1986)  from Bombay University, advanced Masters in pediatric physical therapy (1990) from New York University, and a Doctor of physical therapy from the University of Medicine & Dentistry New Jersey (2009). Through USC/WPS, she is certified in Sensory Integration therapy that addresses sensory issues in children with learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorders. Her genuine interest and long experience in treating children motivated her to achieve the prestigious title of  pediatric certified specialist (PCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association in 2012.

In the United States, her professional work encompassed both pediatric as well as the geriatric age group, thus enhancing her clinical skills with treating stroke, Parkinson’s disease, debilitative health conditions, and balance problems. Dr. Goradia has attended several courses in Neurodevelopmental treatment for stroke cases, Mulligan’s mobilization and taping for orthopedic patients, as well as vestibular rehabilitation. Hence she is able to provide physiotherapy using advanced skills for patients of all ages.  Her style of practice in physiotherapy is drawn from her vast experience in the US; focusing on efficient functioning and fitness/endurance, coupled with attention to patient education. Additionally, she applies principles of Yoga and correct breathing techniques during exercises that have proven very beneficial to her patients.