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Manual Therapy & Taping

People sometimes hold their bodies or start moving in unnatural ways due to injury or stress. This unnatural posture or movement over a prolonged period of time alters the natural alignment of body segments and contributes to tightness, pain, and discomfort. Physiotherapists utilize different manual therapy techniques to mobilize joints and tight tissues in order to increase motion. Manual therapy techniques help to realign the body segments, thus improving joint alignment and easing pain as well as movement. Myofascial release improves flexibility of soft tissues and eases tension on nerves and blood vessels thus eliminating pain and restoring movement. 

Taping is used to sustain the improved alignment achieved through manual therapy so that the person can gradually participate in active movement during the next couple days. Thus it becomes possible to carryover physiotherapeutic benefits beyond the walls of the clinic.

In brief, manual therapy and taping help to alleviate pain, improve & sustain joint and tissue mobility, thus restoring functional motion.