Activ Kaarya Mission

To improve the quality of your life by emphasizing and improving function so that you can return to working at your personal best!

Focus and Emphasis on Function.

Function means a variety of activities involved in our daily life inclusive of walking, negotiating stairs, cooking, bending over, lifting grocery bags, driving, and so much more. We hardly realize the importance of function unless we lose it or are unable to perform it efficiently due to reasons such as back/neck pain, arthritis, weakness, overuse injuries, stroke, balance difficulties etc. 

For children, depending on age group, function means a whole range of activities from crawling, walking, climbing, to participation in school and involvement in sports. Some children have difficulties achieving these functions due to developmental delays, neurological problems, or learning difficulties.

Function to Your Fullest.

Improve function and thus reduce dependence on others in order to  live  a better quality of life. At Activ Kaarya, we plan physiotherapy treatment methods that are customized to meet individual goals of optimal functional level. Pain relief coupled with specific exercises to target the particular muscle weakness and tightness become essential treatments in cases of back /neck and other joint pains. In neurological cases such as stroke, individualized exercises that facilitate movement are critical for motor learning and return to efficient mobility.

For children, Activ Kaarya improves functional capabilities through specialized treatments of neurodevelopment and sensory integration.