World-Class Physiotherapy Workshop

Topic: Using NDT to Gain Mobility Faster in Adult Hemiplegia

 Dr. Ushma Goradia, DPT. MAPT. PCS.

Dates:    Sat March 22 & Sun March 23, 2014

Time:     8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Fees:      ₹ 2,500 Introductory Rate
              Inclusive of Course Notes, Lunch
              and Tea/Coffee

Registration: Call 90084 62200 or

Venue:  Activ Kaarya World Class Physiotherapy

4/1, 80 ft double Rd, Dollar’s Colony.

Near RMV Club and New BEL Road

 Please visit Activ Kaarya Location Page.

Workshop Description:

Treating a hemiplegic patient can be daunting to a novice or less experienced physiotherapist. In addition, patients and their family members seek answers to so many questions from the therapist.  Keen observation, formulation of goals, and quality intervention would go a long way to improve movement for the patient and increased satisfaction for the family. This is a hands-on workshop during which you will learn the art of facilitation and thus enhance movement, by using the core principles of NDT and motor learning. You will also be able to apply the same principles of treatment to most neurological cases.

What to Expect?

Testimonials about Dr. Ushma

Make yourself an excellent clinician at par with your counterparts in the western world.

 “… very impressed by the world class expertise and approach to therapy that she gives …” Patient

Learn the essential fundamentals of treating a hemiplegic patient from Dr. Ushma Goradia, with 20+ years of experience in USA and India.


“My mother had stroke and was bed bound since 4 weeks. Dr. Ushma got her to sit the first day and walking with help on the second day of treatment. … Ma’am is excellent with instructions and communication in all aspects relevant to stroke and guided us very well”--Family

Workshop Format

o   Live demonstrations and hands-on practice

o   Video illustrations of actual patient treatments

o   PowerPoint presentation and Class notes

About Dr. Ushma Goradia:

Dr. Goradia received her B.Sc. in physiotherapy (1986) from Bombay University, advanced Masters in physical therapy (1990) from New York University, and a Doctor of physical therapy from the University of Medicine & Dentistry New Jersey (2009).
In the United States, her professional work encompassed both pediatric as well as the geriatric age group, thus enhancing her clinical skills with treating stroke, Parkinson’s disease, debilitative health conditions, and balance problems. Dr. Goradia has attended several courses in Neurodevelopmental treatment for stroke cases, Mulligan’s mobilization and taping for orthopedic patients, as well as vestibular rehabilitation. Hence she is able to provide physiotherapy using advanced skills for patients of all ages.  Her style of practice in physiotherapy is drawn from her vast experience in the US; focusing on efficient functioning and fitness/endurance, coupled with attention to patient education.