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Joint Replacement Rehab

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Joint replacement surgery is a taxing process - on both your body and your lifestyle.  In the long run, your new joint will foster a pain-free and mobile lifestyle, but it takes hard work and commitment to get there.  Physical therapy is the most important factor in regaining strength and mobility post-surgery.  Whether you have undergone or are anticipating a total knee replacement, hip replacement or any other joint replacement, understand that getting the most out of your new joint means getting the most out of your rehabilitation program.

To patients planning for a joint replacement surgery, Dr. Ushma Goradia advises a personalized exercise program for pain management as well as for achieving a higher fitness level prior to surgery. Post-surgery, the primary focus is to expedite a patient's return to their fullest function, especially for those who need to get back to work or care for themselves at home without assistance from others. A typical rehab program after joint replacement focuses on the following aspects:

  • safely get in and out of a bed or chair and walk with the aid of a walker or crutches.
  • improve your range of motion and strength in affected parts.
  • flexibility and strengthening essential to decrease swelling and pain, as well as prevent stiffness and re-injury.
  • gait Training and balance activities designed to promote a more normal and stable walking pattern.
Once you are able to walk without pain or a limp, your rehabilitation program will focus on functional task training such as stair climbing, lifting, and any other activities specific to your job demands or recreational/sport demands.

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