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Pain Management

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At Activ Kaarya, our goal is to get you quickly return to your fullest function via judicious combination of 
  • Electrical modalities such as TENS, Ultrasound, and Diathermy
  • Manual therapy techniques such as Myofacial Release, Mulligan’s Mobilization, and Taping
  • Moist heat using Hydrocollator (this works wonders compared to dry heat)
  • Personalized exercise program to improve strength and flexibility.  

Suffering from pain could be a very unpleasant experience for anybody regardless of age. Pain can arise due to various causes and can be manifested in different body segments.  The fact remains that it becomes almost impossible to function efficiently in the presence of persistent pain. It is very easy to become fearful of continuous or intermittent pain disturbances and hence start avoiding many normal activities of life that involve body movement.  In the hope of resolving pain, at times one  resorts to complete bed rest for a prolonged period of time. While pain cannot be denied, complete bed rest leads to a vicious cycle of minimal movement, weakness, poor endurance, further inactivity,  and leading to further pain. Thus pain can reduce your functional mobility, increase your dependence on others for daily activities, and more importantly, impact your overall health and fitness.

Fortunately, most pain cases can be treated with appropriate approaches in physiotherapy. These can be electro-physiological agents such as TENS, ultrasound, and diathermy. An individualized exercise program designed to target the specific weakness or tightness becomes essential to gradually improve movement / activity, thus leading to alleviating pain. Manual therapy techniques such as myofacial release, mobilization, and taping play a crucial role in pain treatment. Intermittent rest coupled with the correct physiotherapeutic approach can be a long term solution to pain, along with return to functional activities as soon as possible.

We help you resolve your pain through electrical modalities,  appropriate manual therapy  techniques, exercises to improve strength and flexibility, and facilitate return to your full mobility.

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